(mo chuisle mo chroí – gaelic)

mo chuisle mo chroí 

the pulse of my heart

you hold the bow

i harbor the dart

it is buried deep down

beneath layers of skin

the beat in my chest

fueled by venoms within

your sweet, silky smile

pumps wine through my veins

swirling and twirling

enchanting my brain

the skip in my step

and my tip-tapping toes

both bounce to your rhythm

i ruddily glow

with a song in my heart

i whistle the tune

of the sun, kisses, wishes

sticky summer afternoons

your laugh beats in my blood

like a bold, rumbling drum

i’m drunk on the nectar

of lovers, winsome

roses bloom in my lungs

bringing blush to my skin

mo chuisle mo chroí 

you beat from within



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