(dor) – romanian

the sense of longing that comes

when separated from someone you love

i a(dor)e you

get it?

i’m sorry that I have to pine away

making puns in a language that i don’t speak

in order to express my longing

when i don’t even know exactly what i long for

the way your laugh rumbles and rattles in your belly, before bursting out of your lips like a caged lion set free

the furrow in your brow when you are trying very hard to figure out where you left your hat, godammit

the fire in your eyes that danced just as beautifully and brightly as your feet flying on the dance floor, or the sparks exploding between us

or the way your fingers meaninglessly wandered through my hair while we lay on the sand that night

although maybe not so meaninglessly, at all

and maybe i do know, exactly, after all

(dor) – romanian


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