I am in LOVE with this city so far. The family is on a coastal road trip exploring our state – we woke up in the redwoods this morning but by 1 pm we were checking into our hotel here in the city by the bay. In just the afternoon alone, we walked from our hotel at Union Square through china town, up the hill to coit tower, down and up again to Lombard street, and then down to fishermans warf :,) phew! My legs hurt. I’ve spent the evening with my best friend and now San Fran local once-again Abby Mills – we’ve explored the Haight, went to Amoeba & the decades of fashion thrift store, and dined on gourmet pizza at Bambinos. After getting back to Abby’s house again a few hours ago and just having finished helping unpacking/dancing to Ben Folds, I couldn’t wait to document my trip (so far). Here goes…

San Fran must-see’s:

  • China town!!! Sososo pretty and interesting and colorful, and although we didn’t eat there, we passed some cool restaurants/clubs – for future notice!
  • Coit tower – the view is INCREDIBLE and the murals are out of this world. Mind the walk though; this one is not for anyone in a wheelchair/who has difficulty with lots and lots of stairs.
  • Lombard street! Again, very touristy, but beautiful. Very windy.
  • Ghirardelli factory. It smells SO good and is basically Willy Wonka in real life!
  • San Francisco amoeba music – it was getting dark and the Haight was kinda sketchy for two teenage girls to be walking around alone in at night, but I could’ve spent hours there. So much vintage music and things to look at ahhhh
  • Thrift stores in the haight in general are SO cool and there’s so many
  • Painted ladies!
  • Fisherman’s wharf – the musée mécanique is a super cool museum full of vintage video games and small carnival attractions! Perfect for families with kids looking for something fun to do in the area. Also, LOTS of yummy fish places.
  • Alcatraz!!! So. Cool. Is it weird that I love prisons? I love prisons. Alcatraz is so interesting, I highly recommend it. NOTE: reserve tickets a few weeks in advance!!
  • Golden Gate Bridge, obviously
  • And so on…

Aaand some cool snaps from the trip






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